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Episode 5: Human Trafficking, How Justice Has Evolved

In This Episode:

  • Heidi talks about her experience as an undercover detective in human sex trafficking.

  • We discuss how the way law enforcement has changed in regards to viewing prostitutes solely as criminals to viewing them as victims of trafficking.

  • The changes being made to help trafficking victims prosecute their assailants and get rebuild their lives.

  • Heidi talks about how the age of entry into being trafficked has gone down to 13 years old and is still lowering.

  • Heidi talks briefly about her training for parents on how to talk to your kids and teens about human trafficking and how to keep them safe. Which you can access here.

More About Heidi:

Heidi Chance is a retired Human Trafficking Detective with a unique lived experience as an undercover detective working the Sex Trafficking problem. Detective Heidi Chance created “”, as a means to share her experience with law enforcement and the community. She hopes to impact the Sex Trafficking problem by education and training about prevention and awareness.

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More About Common Humanity 

This is a place for authenticity, humanity, and community. At the Common Humanity Podcast we believe that we can learn through conversation and that everyone has their own expertise. This expertise comes through our lived experience and it is communal. What you are going through, someone else has been through and the stories we share are here to assure you, you are not alone.

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