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The first of the Carbon Copy Series - My Journey Through Trauma, Healing, and the Other Side

This Carbon Copy Series contains the monster that has been living inside of me. The parts of me I have been too ashamed for people to see. Now I bring it into the light and transform this darkness.

In Honor, the first of the series, disordered eating and body dysmorphia turn into trusting and loving my body, suicide and suicidal thoughts become a zest for life, and self-harm transforms into self-love.


Healing is a necessary journey to build the lives we want. Come hurt with me and heal with me.

Honor is more than a poetic collection; it is an unforgettable journey. This book perfectly and poignantly dives into the truths and trials of abuse and addiction. These pieces are gasp-for-air raw, dark, and full of meaning; the kind of writing that cuts you open and stitches you back together again. Reflective and retrospective, this work inspires mental health discussion and rehabilitation. Chandra’s words make one feel seen, understood, and loved, through her prevailing themes of hopefulness and perseverance.

- Ali Blanco, author of If Words Could Talk

About the Author

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C. S. Phoenix


C. S. Phoenix is a certified life coach, athletic trainer, and proud single mother of two. A BIPOC and LGBTQI+ ally, Phoenix is a strong advocate of open communication, empathy, and regaining power through vulnerability. When she isn’t working or writing, Phoenix enjoys gardening, driving through the mountains, and playing a variety of sports. In the future, she hopes to travel to every continent and continue to bring courage to others by opening up about her own experiences.

Honor by C.S. Phoenix burns with bravery, authenticity, and heart. Each poem provides a closer look at the trials and triumphs she has endured and experienced. It was a pleasure to read, from beginning to end. All in all, a bravely vulnerable poetry collection, resonant with rebirth...

- Michael Lajoie, author of The Summit by the Sea 

If you’re a fan of Healing Words by Alexandra Vasiliu or Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, then this poem collection is for you! C. S. Phoenix’s striking vulnerability and heartfelt compassion will nestle into your soul and plant the seeds of self-love you need to make peace with your past, embrace your present strength, and empower your unlimited future. 

Honor is a shining reminder: You are not alone. You are worthy. 

When I was young, I felt completely alone. I thought that no one could understand how I felt, as no one else had been through the same horrors as me. I was alone in my pain, and the solitude only made it hurt more. 

Luckily for me – and unfortunately for many others – I was wrong. As I grew, I realized that my experiences were not as rare as I once thought. Many people shared similar experiences, and many shared my pain. It was when I realized that I was not alone that I finally found a way to begin to heal. 

As I healed, a new pain grew. It was the painful realization that too many people have yet to discover that they are not alone. Now, I will share my stories. Honor is a collection of poems written for those who feel like they are the only ones, the people who feel like no one could possibly understand. 

There is life on the other side of your pain, and it is beautiful.

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