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Chandra Watson

Owner - Building the Beast

ISSA Personal Trainer

ISSA Strength and Conditioning Coach

ISSA Powerlifting Instructor

ISSA Glute Specialist

ISSA Recovery Specialist

ISSA Nutritionist

I have a passion for help people find their strongest self, inside in out. Let me help you find your path to health and happiness.


Fitness, sports and lifting have been some of the great passions of my life. After 8 years running youth sports at the local YMCA, my passion for developing youth athletes only grew. Now my primary focus is on developing the young athletes in our community to help them excel through sport and through life. Though most of my in person work is geared towards the youth, I want to help as many people reach their goals as possible. For that reason I offer program design and coaching that is available to all ages.

Youth Strengthand Conditioning

Youth Strength and Conditioning

Our summer camps are divided into three groups:

6-9 years old - FUNdamentals - $60/month

Where we will practice basic body mechanics and control through games and races. This program has an element of FUN to it. Most strength work at this level will be bodyweight.


10-13 years old - Learn to Train - $60/month

Where we will still incorporate a level of play while also getting more detailed on the reason behind what we are doing. Strength work in this group will start to include some weighted movements along with bodyweight work.


14-17 years old - Train to Train -$110/month

Where we will start to treat training with more intention. These athletes likely know what sports they will play in the coming year and what skills they may need to be the best at those sports. This group will meet 4 days a week because their bodies can handle more training then when they were younger. Strength work in this group will be lighter weights while in camp but will include one free Learn to Lift credit to attend a separate class focused on developing heavier lifts.

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The basics of strength and conditioning don't have to be put off until kids are in junior high or high school. And training doesn't have to be tedious. It can be playful.


Learning and building strong body mechanics can set athletes up for a long career in sports by getting them ahead of the curb, reducing the chance of injury, and developing strength and speed that can be utilized in their sports.


Our summer camps are designed with the development of the athlete and child  in  mind. We will work plyometrics, speed, agility, and strength in each session and track the progress of each athlete.

Lernto Lift

Learn to Lift

  • 1 hour long sessions

  • 5 or less participants per session

  • Held in a private home gym  

  • $20/class

The barbell can be intimidating. Whether you are new to lifting or are looking to take your lifts to the next level, this class is for you.

Learn to Lift sessions will focus on one major lift for an hour. During the session each participant will be coached on how to properly perform the lift and given adjustments and cues based on their individual body mechanics, strengths, and weaknesses. 

As lifts progress, participants will receive individual coaching on improving their lifts for use in training, competition, or to further enhance their performance for sport.

Powerlifting Coaching

Powerlifting Coaching

Powerlifting coaching is a membership that is based on getting you ready to compete on the platform. We will start with a meeting to discuss your goals and when you plan to compete. From there, a program will be built to best prepare you for your competition.

Handling at local competitions while representing Building the Beast are included in the membership fees. Handling at meets over 150 miles away have an additional cost of travel expenses.

$100/month + $20 one time payment

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I have been lifting weights most of my life. Strength has always been a passion of mine. In 2020 a friend of mine convinced me to actually compete for the first time. It has quickly become my passion. Since then I have claimed 6 state records and qualified and competed at a  national level.

On top of loving the sport for myself, I love introducing and teaching the sport to others. Competing is so much better with someone in your corner. Whether that is helping with the training or acting as handler in competition so that you can focus on your lifts. 

Progrm Design

Program Design

  • Personalized training for your goals.

  • Program adjusted monthly so you have time to see progress but not get bored.

  • One month of programing for the coast of one personal training session.

  • $75/month + $20 one time payment

You know your way around a gym but want some help getting the results you want. Maybe you have been going in without a plan because you don't know where to start. 

That's where I come in!

If you have specific goals you are going to want a specific plan to reach those goals. One size fits all programs are available all over the internet but they are kind of like one size fits all clothes. They don't fit just right.

My Philosophy

My goal as a coach and personal trainer is to help you find strength in body and mind. I believe everyone has an athlete within them, it is what humans are built to do.


You are strong.

You are powerful.

You are unstoppable.

So, what is stopping you?

For many of us it is time, equipment availability, knowledge, mixed messages, or confusion.  Am I supposed to do cardio or weight train? Am I supposed to cut calories or increase my protein? How do I get stronger? How do I achieve the infamous tone? What does any of this even mean?

The key, to health and longevity is to find what drives YOU.  What makes you feel good, confident, and proud in your body? Because our bodies are so much more than what they look like. Let me help you find the athlete within!



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