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Episode 1: The Transition to Civilian Life and Motherhood

In This Episode:

  • Kaylee talks about what transitioning to civilian life was like after leaving active duty in the Air Force.

  • How that journey brought her to becoming a life coach with the plan to help other veterans through their own transitions.

  • We discuss how she is adapting to expecting her first child and how, coming from a mom, her expectations won't be at all what her child is like.

More About Kaylee

She is an Air Force Veteran, wife, and soon to be mother of a baby girl in 2024! She left Active duty a few years ago in search of a more balanced and family lifestyle.

Since leaving Active Duty, she still has a strong desire to serve others. She has been able to find that in becoming a licensed Life Insurance Broker/Retirement Planner and certified Life and Success Coach.

As a Life Insurance Broker, she is licensed in 10 states and partnered with 15 plus top rated insurance companies. She has the pleasure of helping individuals and families prepare for the future with life insurance, retirement plans, mortgage protection, child and young adult future financial stability.

As a certified Life and Success Coach, her mission is to empower as many individuals as possible to achieve their highest potential in the most important aspects of their life. She guides individuals through a personalized coaching process to maximize their potential in self-growth, creating a resilient mindset, getting outside their comfort zone, breaking free of mental stagnancy and ultimately achieving the success they desire.

Her husband, Joe, is also a veteran and certified Life Coach. Together, they created Credence Life Coaching, where they focus on military members, burn out, personal/professional growth, transition to civilian life, entering the civilian workforce, and finding purpose after service. Their goal is to work with as many veterans and service members possible to achieve their goals, find success, and create their best self – physically, mentally, and emotionally. They want to impact the veteran community to help fight veteran homelessness and suicide. Their message is simple, they are here to help. They understand the stigma surrounding asking for help, but keep in mind this is a partnership for success, not therapy or mental health service.

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More About Common Humanity 

This is a place for authenticity, humanity, and community. At the Common Humanity Podcast we believe that we can learn through conversation and that everyone has their own expertise. This expertise comes through our lived experience and it is communal. What you are going through, someone else has been through and the stories we share are here to assure you, you are not alone.

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