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Author - C.S. Phoenix

I am a poet and novelist who explores the themes of trauma and healing, both through my own experiences and those of others.

Integrity, is out now, in paperback or E-book!

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I am a  lifelong athlete who has a passion for building strong people. With over 12 years experience in the fitness industry, I have worked with athletes from 3-93 years old.

Find YOUR fitness path now!

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Coach - Common Humanity

I decided to put my talking skills to use and connect with people.  Life coaching really is just a series of conversations to help you get where you want to be!

Find your imperfect you now!

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Hi, I’m Chandra

An author, certified life coach, athletic coach, podcast host and proud single mother of two. I am an advocate of open communication, empathy, and regaining power through vulnerability.

I believe that we all have something to share with this world.  Something that makes us buzz with excitement and beam with joy. My purpose is to help other people find that in themselves.  Whether it is through fitness, conversation, coaching, or written words, I seek to facilitate connection everywhere I go.

We each have a story.  I have finally learned to live mine authentically and hope that showing up as my imperfect self in this world of posed perfection will help others find their own way to their true selves.

Always Makes Me Smile

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